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Edo Bar & Lounge

Cocktails, food and live music

Hot and cold snacks, wacky drinks and an extensive wine list are just some of the delights on offer at our Edo Bar & Lounge. Anyone who is fond of a drop of gin has definitely come to the right place – our barkeepers keep a wide selection of connoisseur gins. And thanks to our close proximity to Thalwil station, there’s nothing to get in the way of a lively evening with friends, a tête-à-tête or some after-work drinks.

360° Panorama Edo Bar & Lounge Menu

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday from 4.30pm to 11.30pm
Friday 4.30t pm to 00.30am

Exclusive events
The Edo Bar & Lounge can also be rented for parties, birthdays or employee events. Inquire now.

Tartar friday also at the Edo Bar & Lounge

Jazz at Sedartis

The Jazzclub Thalwil regularly organises live concerts at our Edo Bar & Lounge.