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Hotel Sedartis – a world of high-class thrills and genuine hospitality.

With 40 rooms and 10 conference and banqueting suites, the 4-star Hotel Sedartis in Thalwil on Lake Zurich excels as the perfect lifestyle and conference hotel within close reach of Zurich. Thanks to its proximity to Thalwil train station and boat pier, and with easy access to the motorway, Hotel Sedartis benefits from a superbly advantageous location. Our Edo Bar & Lounge, indoor golf facility and restaurant with terrace overlooking Lake Zurich offer ample opportunity to switch off and unwind.

Fact Sheet Hotel Sedartis

Katharinenhof – Thalwilerhof – Hotel Sedartis

The era of the traditional Hotel Thalwilerhof, formerly known as Katharinenhof, came to an end with its demolition in the summer of 2002. In the same place, in just two years of construction, a modern business hotel and local meeting point  came into being. The new four-star hotel, built with much attention to detail and satisfying highest design standards, combines exciting space concepts with an extensive infrastructure, offering all inclusive first class service. Excellent prerequisites therefore, to hold your seminars, conferences, celebrations and other events in this truly unique ambiance.

Why a new building anyway?
Since the time of the original building, the former Katharinenhof, the hotel has been constantly adapted to meet new building requirements. In the sixties the changes were especially radical. The old hipped roof was removed, an additional floor was added and a new hipped roof in the style of the sixties was put into place.

A further intervention, years later, affected the banquet hall area; it was replaced by a two-story structure, and at the same time the facade was robbed of its maintenance intensive decorative elements. This led to a complete disfiguration of the building of the early days, as well as the adjoining property.

Following the change of ownership all possibilities for a new utilization were explored,  and it was decided that the culinary and formerly also cultural center of the community should be brought back to life. As the structure of the existing building could not in any way meet today’s  requirements for a modern hotel, various options for a completely new building were quickly explored. Even the cantonal office for the protection of monuments could not find elements which were worth preserving  and also encouraged the demolition of the building.

The new name: Silk and Art
A strong new beginning also demands a strong name. A name was looked for that would communicate the hotel’s modern, innovative concept in combination with its location, its Thalwil roots, in a fresh, unused and surprising way. The selected name Sedartis has its origin in the words Seda (Spanish for silk) and art. So Sedartis stands for noble quality and silk tissues (as is known, Thalwil wrote history with its silk industry in the 19th century) but also for art and culture – design and modern architecture, quality and innovative power.

Based on the concrete connections with Thalwil, the theme silk was ideally suited to be applied in exciting, creative ways to the hotel’s design.

Besides silk the Hotel Sedartis puts great emphasis on functional design and on the interplay of light, colors and shapes as well as on the selection of exquisite materials.

2006 – the Forum originates out of a remise
Soon after the opening of the Hotel Sedartis, the demand for seminar rooms increased. Fortunately, the Sedartis management obtained the opportunity to engage the neighbouring remise. After a few alterations, the Sedartis Forum emerged with a broad seminar room, the Edo bar / lounge, the Relax centre and the Indoor golf.

2013 – redesign and renovation after ten years at Hotel Sedartis
During summer 2013 the ground floor of the Hotel Sedartis was completely reconstructed. Meanwhile, the Restaurant Sedartis appears in harmonious and warm colours, combined in an elegant design. The Sedartis guests can choose out of a variety of dishes, such as light business-lunches or traditional Swiss menus. The credo regionality plays an essential role, as local food is represented in the dishes.

2019 – Renovation of the indoor golf course into a creative space
In 2019, our “Ideationspace” was created as a beacon for innovative workshops and meetings. The new creative space can be used both classically as a seminar room with block seating, for example, but with the option of seating with our high tables and the many tools that promote idea generation, it offers an optimal space where creativity knows no bounds.

2022 – Renovation of the Rooftop as a “seminar and event space with a view”
In 2022, the Rooftop was converted into a fully-fledged and modern event space with an integrated bar and a beautiful outdoor area. The new furnishings and stylish ambience not only invite guests to seminars with a beautiful view, but also enable us to host celebrations such as birthdays and weddings in a pleasant ambience.

2023 – Renovation of 30 of a total of 39 hotel rooms
Colourful and cheerful is and always has been our rooms. And we have also remained true to this motto when renovating the rooms. 30 of 39 rooms were completely renovated in spring 2023 and now shine in new splendour.

A look into the future
Nothing is as constant as change. Under this motto, we are also constantly developing and pursuing the goal of continuing to offer our guests not only top service, but also the best quality and a pleasant stay. We are not standing still and are also planning exciting projects for the future – read for yourself.

2024 – Completion of renovation and refurbishment of 9 hotel rooms
The renovation of the remaining 9 hotel rooms is planned for the beginning of 2024 to complete the project renovation of all rooms. The modernisation of 7 garden rooms and 2 rooftop rooms is scheduled.

2025/26 – Major change on the ground floor
In 2025/26, the remodelling of the hotel reception, hotel lobby and hotel bar is planned. It is a final piece of the puzzle for the overall renovation of the Hotel Sedartis after 20 years.

The architecture of the new building
The hotel building in Thalwil equals a modern, individual, functional structure. The front facing the street, the actual face of the building, is characterized by its protruding canopy and the row of projecting supports, terminating with the flag poles. The natural stone side walls enclose the horizontally oriented glass surfaces which are emphasized by the protruding balconies. A connecting structure forms the link between the hotel and the neighboring house.

The hotel occupies the main building, with lobby, reception area and lounge located on the ground floor. From here the transparently constructed elevator leads to the upper guest room floors and to the conference area. There, various rooms from 5 to 150 persons are available for seminars, banquets, celebrations and a variety of other events. Two deluxe rooms and a multifunctional conference and event room were installed on the top floor. From there one enjoys a view of the lake and the foothills of the alps and on a clear day of the alps themselves.

The Feng Shui analysis
A Feng Shui analysis was performed, surveying the interior and exterior space conditions of the project. These examinations were instrumental for the choice of colors within the hotel. The interplay of the cubic and the round forms, a characteristic feature of this building, was mentioned in the report as an especially outstanding quality.

A summary of the new building
«Out of the constricted, narrow space of the lot it was possible to erect an individual building with a clear cubic design and with its own face and aura; this in the middle of a row of the existing individual houses. Concerning the interior it was possible to create an exciting sequence of rooms with highly individual molding without having to resort to cheap or far-fetched solutions.»
This is the brief description by the Thalwil architect Chaschper Gachnang.